Friday, February 14, 2014

Moving forward

I have been attending a Church on and off for ten years now.
As I come out of my stooper, I am coming to see I need more nourishment.
Traveling to each of the ministries, looking for a spot, I find the same people- at everything.
They are either a couple or a widow over 70.
Last night I sat at a table, hoping, this might be the meeting for me.
Across sat a woman about my age, who had recently retired as well.
She had a cool program in her hands.
My heart fluttered.
She got up and presented it to the group.
Noooo, it just costs too much and no one would come.

At the end of the meeting I asked her more.
She said it was her last ditch effort.
She had been in the  parish for twenty years and
considered the time as her travel through the desert.

That was the sign.
Off to the next town to find a new Church on Sunday.
I cannot go another ten years without nourishment.
I wonder if she'd like a ride.


Kimberly said...

Despite the difficulty of life in the desert, if you think about it, all the stories involving it in the Bible also show it as a time of growth and renewal. I hope you find your nourishment!!!

Janette said...

I am looking hard. One thing I have found is that the nourishment I am getting, slowly, seems to be so much more fulfilling.
Thanks Kimberly!