Wednesday, March 05, 2014

From Ashes to

The homily I heard today is one I have not heard in a very long time.
It was "rules".
The service I went to was on a military post...

 Here was the gist as I heard it:

Confession is an bi annual review of your life.
If you can get there more often, great.
Otherwise, take the time and work through it.
This is the perfect time of year.

Have you been lurking and peering where you shouldn't be?
Has the Internet been a downfall
with the thought that "it doesn't really hurt anyone to look"?
Have you taken yourself out of a state of grace
 by being lazy with your practice of coming to see God?
Have you been snide in what you think of others
 even if you don't say it out loud?

If you can say yes,
then you have taken yourself out of the state of grace
that enables you to receive Christ in His full presence.

Back to work!

Frozen (and I don't mean the movie)

Does anyone else get the sense that we have been frozen in the US?
Not just the weather,
Which we have been having more then our fair share of,
but the savings rate?

I gamble a bit in the stock market.
That is exactly how the market feels to me.
It is risky business.
There are machines that seem to manipulate the market faster and faster these days.
Really, a four hundred point fluctuation in two days.
At our ages, we should not be taking many chances.
Still, it is what I feel compelled to do in order to keep ahead of inflation.

My husband has chosen to stay with savings accounts.
His entire IRA accumulation made $3.72 last month.
Let me put that in perspective.
This is his set of IRA accounts from the last 16 years.
That is enough to buy just a squeeze over one gallon of gas.
That is 1% of our electric bill last month.
Burrrr in so many ways.


Back to thinking about the spring and planting.
Have you ordered any seeds yet?