Monday, June 30, 2014

Can I live in a neighborhood again?

This was the view from our first purchased house together. We built it in 1993 and moved into it in 1996.  We had a few neighbors. One we saw often and enjoyed their company tremendously. Another was only at the house a few weeks out of the year. Basically, we were alone in the woods.
We currently live in a house that borders one neighbor. 
There are others, but the street is more then quiet. 
I have to admit, I do not even know the names of most of my neighbors.  
We moved here in 2005. Our children were grown and we were both working full time.  
Since we have plenty of land, there is little to interact about (no dog problems, children issues or shared lunches on the porch).
Now we are considering this house.  It would be much less upkeep for my hubby (since he insists that he is the only one who can do it correctly).
We would have to fence for the dogs (who are not familiar with the concept of neighborhood either). 
How do the neighbors feel about someone new coming in? This neighborhood was established in 1998 and has had very little turn over.
Would we be good neighbors? Probably. 
We lived in apartments and small houses for the first 16 years of marriage, half of our marriage. We never had any problems. 
I have been pushing the idea of living in a neighborhood.
 Ever since Scott's hip replacement fiasco, the thought of being stuck alone with a medical emergency has haunted me.
Fire service is also a problem when you live very rural. 
We have hydrants, but I have grave doubts that our house could be saved if it caught on fire.

My thought is that I will have to travel again out to Delaware to check out the neighborhood. 
AGGG! I hate to make decisions!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The house hunt continues

This is the house that I have looked at and desire.  Unfortunately, the owners, who also built the house, are a bit unreasonable with the price. It is way out of the ball park for the houses in the area.
House hunting is such a personal thing.  Real estate agents wish you to be completely impulsive. I don't see it that way. 
We are probably going to lose money on our current house. The area schools have gone down hill. The fort is shrinking. Who ever gets this place will be able to get it for a very good price. I will miss this house like no other house we have ever lived in. This house is peaceful. We, essentially, have no neighbors, but live in a neighborhood.  The trees are amazing. The birds, fox, squirrel, they all are so at home here with us. We figured out how to plant a small garden and where to go fishing. 
Still, it is simply too far away from our family.
Back to moving. The house at the top is a bit over 50 miles from my daughter's family. When my son's family moves East, they will be about five hours from this house. It has a barn- essential for the woodworker in my family.  The downstairs is in good shape. Certainly not finished the way I would like, but workable. The upstairs is a floored attic. That is the part of the house that gives the owners the idea that it should sell for so much more. Really? A room over the garage, a plastic shower and a room with no opening windows? Not really living space. 
Waiting is the name of the game.  I am pretty sure that our waiting period may be pretty long. If we get the house to a certain price, there is another person who is interested in it. 
The house hunt continues. 
Time with the family is worth it.
Looking forward to museums and beaches and fishing and camping and just being a Nana on no real schedule. Doing things with Papa will be worth every ounce of moving energy. 
Kids, they grow SO fast!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Possibility of Moving Part Two

The last year has been sheer heaven in Kansas.
Our son and his family live in the next time.
A fluke for sure, the Army stationed him here!

We have also enjoyed just being on the farm.
The weather has gone by our front windows.
Children have visited a number of times.
It is what we imagined it would be.

Within the year it will all change and the family will move on.
Our daughter's family is in the East.
Our son's family will join her there in three short years.

The look for a new place began with an idea that living nearer to someone is really joyful.

The hunt for a place to settle began.
We considered Maryland and Virginia.
Both states offered many things we were looking for:
access to children,
access to sea food and beach,
They both were huge fails in the tax department.
Both have large property tax situations.
They are also not as target shooting friendly as we would like.

Delaware came on to the radar screen.
It has low property taxes (but incredibly high transfer taxes).
Air Force base nearby would give us access to health care.
It would be close to our daughter, but not on top of her.

We are looking.

Monday, June 02, 2014

The Possibility of moving part 1

We moved to Kansas for two reasons.
First was we needed a change. Our marriage and lives were in a bog. If change did not come in one way, it would come in another. We loved Flagstaff. We were close to extended family. Our children had excellent high school experiences there.  Seven years and a great deal of investing in the community was only producing negative results.
Second, we needed different jobs. Getting hired in Flagstaff, for my husband, was next to impossible. He started to teach school, but was so overloaded with troubled student whom no one else would take, he was done in a year. He needed someplace that offered the type of work that he was interested in and enjoyed.
That is how we ended up in Kansas.