Monday, June 30, 2014

Can I live in a neighborhood again?

This was the view from our first purchased house together. We built it in 1993 and moved into it in 1996.  We had a few neighbors. One we saw often and enjoyed their company tremendously. Another was only at the house a few weeks out of the year. Basically, we were alone in the woods.
We currently live in a house that borders one neighbor. 
There are others, but the street is more then quiet. 
I have to admit, I do not even know the names of most of my neighbors.  
We moved here in 2005. Our children were grown and we were both working full time.  
Since we have plenty of land, there is little to interact about (no dog problems, children issues or shared lunches on the porch).
Now we are considering this house.  It would be much less upkeep for my hubby (since he insists that he is the only one who can do it correctly).
We would have to fence for the dogs (who are not familiar with the concept of neighborhood either). 
How do the neighbors feel about someone new coming in? This neighborhood was established in 1998 and has had very little turn over.
Would we be good neighbors? Probably. 
We lived in apartments and small houses for the first 16 years of marriage, half of our marriage. We never had any problems. 
I have been pushing the idea of living in a neighborhood.
 Ever since Scott's hip replacement fiasco, the thought of being stuck alone with a medical emergency has haunted me.
Fire service is also a problem when you live very rural. 
We have hydrants, but I have grave doubts that our house could be saved if it caught on fire.

My thought is that I will have to travel again out to Delaware to check out the neighborhood. 
AGGG! I hate to make decisions!

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Be smart and buy a ranch.