Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Possibility of Moving Part Two

The last year has been sheer heaven in Kansas.
Our son and his family live in the next time.
A fluke for sure, the Army stationed him here!

We have also enjoyed just being on the farm.
The weather has gone by our front windows.
Children have visited a number of times.
It is what we imagined it would be.

Within the year it will all change and the family will move on.
Our daughter's family is in the East.
Our son's family will join her there in three short years.

The look for a new place began with an idea that living nearer to someone is really joyful.

The hunt for a place to settle began.
We considered Maryland and Virginia.
Both states offered many things we were looking for:
access to children,
access to sea food and beach,
They both were huge fails in the tax department.
Both have large property tax situations.
They are also not as target shooting friendly as we would like.

Delaware came on to the radar screen.
It has low property taxes (but incredibly high transfer taxes).
Air Force base nearby would give us access to health care.
It would be close to our daughter, but not on top of her.

We are looking.

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Barbara Torris said...

Good luck with your move Jannette. It is a very exciting time in your life.