Sunday, June 29, 2014

The house hunt continues

This is the house that I have looked at and desire.  Unfortunately, the owners, who also built the house, are a bit unreasonable with the price. It is way out of the ball park for the houses in the area.
House hunting is such a personal thing.  Real estate agents wish you to be completely impulsive. I don't see it that way. 
We are probably going to lose money on our current house. The area schools have gone down hill. The fort is shrinking. Who ever gets this place will be able to get it for a very good price. I will miss this house like no other house we have ever lived in. This house is peaceful. We, essentially, have no neighbors, but live in a neighborhood.  The trees are amazing. The birds, fox, squirrel, they all are so at home here with us. We figured out how to plant a small garden and where to go fishing. 
Still, it is simply too far away from our family.
Back to moving. The house at the top is a bit over 50 miles from my daughter's family. When my son's family moves East, they will be about five hours from this house. It has a barn- essential for the woodworker in my family.  The downstairs is in good shape. Certainly not finished the way I would like, but workable. The upstairs is a floored attic. That is the part of the house that gives the owners the idea that it should sell for so much more. Really? A room over the garage, a plastic shower and a room with no opening windows? Not really living space. 
Waiting is the name of the game.  I am pretty sure that our waiting period may be pretty long. If we get the house to a certain price, there is another person who is interested in it. 
The house hunt continues. 
Time with the family is worth it.
Looking forward to museums and beaches and fishing and camping and just being a Nana on no real schedule. Doing things with Papa will be worth every ounce of moving energy. 
Kids, they grow SO fast!


Kimberly said...

My dh sprung Delaware as an option for us as well, mostly due to the tax issues.

Janette said...

the taxes are SUPER low Kimberly! The houses we are looking at are in the $1,100 a year range. Close to the beach, and to the kids. Worth a look!