Sunday, July 06, 2014

Day one- Operation gut the house for sell.

Tomorrow it begins.
The workpeople will arrive and we will proceed to dump a whole bunch of money into the house we are moving from in a year.
The sad thing is that we will never make up the money that we are putting in.
We are hoping that the update brings us some buyers!

Here it goes!
We did not take pictures of the bathroom before we stripped it.
This is what it looks like tonight.
 There is even pink tile on the ceiling
 Yes, there are cabinet doors. My husband would rather take them off then have them damaged.
This is the lovely PLASTIC wall paper that was in the bathroom and is in the master bedroom.
This is what we hope the bathroom will look like in the end.
The shower tile we picked is white. I hope it works.
This is the kitchen. The counter tops are going. 
After they leave my husband will put down wood in the kitchen and dining room.

What a lot of work and money for us to leave.
My largest concern is that they will overrun the budget. 
We are at the end of our remodel money.
My husband feels confident. 
I am not so sure.

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