Sunday, July 06, 2014

Help me decide. Please.

I know NOTHING about home decorating. It was never my flair.
Really, I can hardly dress myself.
Seemed to have missed that lesson being quiet middle of five.

Anyway. Here are some of the decisions coming up.
 Do I change out the lighting in the kitchen? It will be expensive since the wiring is older. Canned lighting is probably out. Can I get away with this?

 Do I need to buy a big microwave for this space? Could I get away with a box that looks like a microwave since microwaves are not really "in" these days?
 Do I need to get rid of this fan and wall paper in the master bedroom? Can I just paint over the wall paper? What color is "in" for bedrooms these days?
 Should I paint these cabinets? They are in the hall going to the master bedroom. They are as large as they appear in the picture. Three full doors. They are not deep, but they are excellent storage.
What do you think of this stain glass?  Again, it is huge. I figure the cut out used to be the window in the back of the house- and then they decided to put in a laundry room/ pantry.

The idea is quick and easy fixes since we have already done the down and dirty things. Wood floors, painted most of the house, wood stairs. I am just trying to appeal a bit more to the wife of the man who buys tho place for the barn (which is why we live here).

Any comments would be helpful. You won't hurt my feelings.


Kimberly said...

GASP! Microwaves are not in?? For me, the only thing on that list which would be an issue is the wallpaper. But, please do not paint over the wallpaper!! That would be even worse. LOL! I would NOT paint over that wood as some people really prefer the natural wood, especially if they are looking at a place with a barn. If they want it painted, that is an easy thing.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break the news to you, but you may spend thousands of dollars to get your home 'eye candy' ready, and then when a prospective buyer get in there, and hires an engineer to do a home inspection, they will probably find thousands and thousands of dollars worth of needed repairs before the sale can go through. I have heard nothing but horror stories from many of my friends who have recently sold their homes.
My neighbor spent $$$$ putting in a new kitchen, granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, which were meaningless, when the inspector told them their oil tank had a pin hole leak and cost him $9,000 to repair. Ditto for my next door neighbor who had to remove a pool and do other physical upgrade before the sale could go through.
It's a whole different ball game out there as far as selling your home goes. Beauty is only skin deep. Buyers look beyond the glitz. Best to spend your money hiring your own engineer ($400) and letting them go through your home advising you what physically needs to be fixed. Kitchen lights are meaningless if you need a new boiler, hot water tank, etc. etc. or have structural damage.
PS: My home needed a $30K new septic NOT because there was anything wrong with the old one. DEM just felt like it. The $30K would NOT increase my sale price. Rather than sell, I rented it out and pocket the money. After the horror stories I myself have been through, I'm not selling NOR am I buying any more houses. Good luck.

Janette said...

Not a bad idea. I will probably do just that in the next few weeks. A good home inspection may save us a lot of grief in the next year!