Monday, July 21, 2014

Tomorrow I take back my room!

Taking back the Master bedroom tomorrow!  It is full of dust and dirt. Fortunately, the furniture was covered the day they started. Forgot to cover some of the art.
 Lots of cleaning to do.
The plan is to paint the master bedroom the same color as the bath. It is gray- but looks rather blue in these pictures. My Facebook friends helped me with the color.

The next two days will actually be devoted to packing.
We are doing a crazy trip.

My husband's family reunion will mark the first time that either of my "children in law" will meet the cousins in their hometown in Idaho. The last time we were together was 2010. That was several spouses and a number of "grandchildren" ago.  They are a wild and crazy bunch. There is nothing like a great party with no extra substances to "enhance" the affair!

Travel then moves to witness my sister's son getting married in Oregon.
  Looking forward to seeing Mom, my sister and my brothers. All of them will meet my daughter's youngest for the first time. It will probably be the only reunion for my family this year. Most live close together, but my immediate family is moving East, so seeing the extended group happens less often these days.

Coming home marks the end of summer. There are so many books and so little time to read them all. The long summer days will be gone and the fall adventures will begin!

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