Monday, July 14, 2014

Where is Hope?

Hope is a place in your heart. You start from it and move forward. Most people do not want the destruction of a country. They think they are doing the best thing for it. You have to remember that. People are not born Republican or Democrat- they are simply people. They put on their pants every day the same as you and I, one foot at a time. They look at the same problems in different ways. Isn't that what we teach children in school?

I grew up in Phoenix.  My neighbors were Jewish- both Reformed and Orthodox, Mormon,United Church of Christ and Unitarian. I dated a Hispanic young man.- who is now a leading ER doctor. This is the community of the strident Goldwater Republican.

My dad, and many people of the area, help build one of the first large food banks- St Mary's .
John, the founder,  was an alcoholic, who had lost everything, whom we ate meals with more often then I can remember. He also helped establish the first "boys ranch" for the kids who were stuck in the system because their parents did not want them. Dad was all about reforming prisons, getting people back on their feet and feeding the poor. He was also a "rich" business man who hired the men who got out of prison and men who ran community organizations- who needed time and money to get those organizations going.

Phoenix rose from the ashes in the 1950's. It was a blended community like no other. Lines were very blurred. I only wish that the media would not draw these silly lines and together we could build a country that we deserve to have- all of us. Yes, I still have hope for change.


Anonymous said...

We'll get our hope & change in 2.5 years when Obama is out of office. What a terrible disappointment he has been. At least to me.

Anonymous said...

small, lifeless, dead bodies of children are being found on the shores of the Rio Grande river in Texas. let these children's death be on Obama's head.

Obama is despicable! Can't blame the Republicans or anyone else for this. ENOUGH!

Linda Myers said...

I think we are more alike than different, wherever we live. I try not to pay much attention to media shouting.

I live in Tucson in the winter, in a gated RV community. We are almost all white, but of vastly different political views. Then we drive into town, where we see the wonderful diversity of the place.

We're all in this together. That's my belief.

Janette said...

I understand your frustration Cindi.
Instead of doing the blaming thing I am considering working as a volunteer at the school as they intake all of these kiddos.

Janette said...

Yup, all in it together, Linda.