Monday, August 18, 2014

Teaching, sorting, learning

Is it really only Monday?
Last week was spent helping a few teachers get started for the year.
My chuckle came when the sales rep for my state
called me to ask a bit about Saxon.
She sells it, but knows little about it.
 I used to work for them when they were independent of the conglomerate.
Politely answering her questions seemed to put her at ease.
She still doesn't understand why homeschooling parents love it.

My church is on a mission to feed the hungry.
This week's task is to get ahold of a different church in town
and see how we can support them.
Glad to do it.
Working at the food bank is one thing.
Feeding people who are in need of a hot meal is very different.
Sorting things out for the long haul.
Sorry I won't be here much longer.
Excited to know my new parish is very active in this type of ministry.

Took over many "old" pieces of my bathroom and a few fans to Habitat.
It will be hot this week.
They said the fans will go fast.

Yesterday was sorting day for my son.
Hard to go through toys and memories.
Stuff, how to downsize stuff?
Not sure our next house will be quite so large.

We decided many of the toys will be used by the next generation.
Most of the stuffed toys will go to the shelter.
Other things- well, it was fun to talk them through and put them in the circular file's black bag.

Thinking we will take the suit cases to the shelter as well.
One of my friends reminded me not too long ago that suitcases are expensive
And moving is often fast
this time of year.
Another teaching for me to learn.

Watched a strange, but powerful, movie tonight.
Amen. (the name)
On Netflix.
Easy to be caught up in stuff when you don't know how to get out.

Last I will leave you with one last thought.
This sign is posted in a restaurant in a city I used to live in.
 I was quick to judge.
This establishment is in a very child oriented area.
I assumed ( and we all know what that means) that no children were allowed.
The owner used to be a bit grouchy.
I assumed, again, that he had just tipped the edge.
His son has taken over in the last few years.
Here is the actual policy:
I am relieved that I was too quick to judge.
This does fit the area that the establishment is in.

As an adult with no children around on a consistent basis,
I understand fine dining without children.
These establishments are often on their own,
instead of in the middle of a children's wonderland like Monterey wharf.

As if the establishment even cares, I apologize for getting a bit twisted on this sign.
Sometimes I forget to read the commas.
Looking forward to eating there again in a year.

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