Monday, August 11, 2014

What does that "perfect house" look like?

What a huge advantage the 20-30 yr olds have over what we went through in the "before the internet" days.  Now one clicks on a few sites and looks at what is available.
Our experience of rolling into town with two in tow, looking for a agent and trying to land a house within a few days, is a thing of the past.
Come house hunting with me.  We will be going to see the ones not already sold when we go to Dover for my birthday in six weeks.
Here are a few we are looking at.
This one has most of the things we are looking for. Natural Gas, master on the first floor, nice kitchen. It is a bit isolated and has an above ground pool. 
Shaking head. I dislike the idea of caring for a pool.
Not sure about the isolation either. After our hip replacement adventure, having a neighborhood might be nice. It might be too big at 4100 sq feet. We would probably only use the upstairs when grandchildren came to town.
This house is in a good spot. It has a wonderful back yard - with a bridge to a stream. No natural gas, but it has a line close enough to it that we could tie in. Much smaller then the first (2000sq ft), but sufficient for the family to hunker down for a football game on TV or outside. Hubby isn't sure his workshop would fit in the non wooded area of the lot. That is a big problem.

This is my favorite style of house.  It has natural gas. Hardwood floors throughout. No walls to speak of in the living area. Three bathrooms - but no stand alone shower :(  It is in between (2300)  the other two and sits in the middle of a block. Will I be able to stand having neighbors again on three sides? It is actually eight houses away from the one above it (and much less in price).  Workshop would fit since there is virtually no landscape on the acre lot.

There are a few older homes in Dover proper, but the owners don't seem to get that their asking price is way out of line for their properties.  

There is also the possibility of building a house. Do we really have the energy for that?
As we clean out our current house daily, we both wonder, are we doing the right thing?

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