Saturday, August 30, 2014

Yard Sale?

Our first sixteen years we lived in nine different houses.
One thing the military does is offer to store your stuff
If you are moving overseas.
Three of our houses were overseas tours.
Once stuff is in storage, it can live there a long time.

When my husband retired from moving
We built a house in Flagstaff that would hold most of our stuff.
We were a bit overwhelmed when we got three separate shipments of storage items.
Who knew that the crib was in storage?
Three sets of dishes? Really?

We stopped opening boxes.
When we moved here we made no real effort to get rid of
Things we had collected while In The Army.
We did rid ourselves of hundreds of books and
Piles of teaching "stuff".

We are going to move again.
The house- which ever we decide on- will be much smaller.
Our children really are grown.
They have their own houses and own taste in"stuff".
Can anyone say yard (or on our case, barn) sale?

What happens when you open a box that was packed in 1991 in Hong Kong?
Or 1993 in Hawaii?
Or 1996 in Saudi Arabia?
Memories? Absolutely.
Temptation of rehousing items in the house? Yes.
Yard Sale? Painfully? Yes.

Here is a sample:
Army uniforms from the Vietnam to Desert Storm eras.
"Flip flops" from Hawaii in ever shape and size.
A face carved into a tree limb (Bavaria).
A set of Chinese rice dishes (no plates, just eight sizes of bowls).
Posters and the shirts of everyplace imaginable.
Old "teacher" books. Old tween ager books. Old teen books.
Art supplies from everywhere.
Walkers, crutches, fishing boat motors, wire, chairs for children, punch bowls, TV, microwaves, room screens, suitcases from long ago.

I sure hope someone comes to the sale.
None of this is going with me!

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Anonymous said...

donate. donate. donate. give away anything you can't donate.

i gave up on yard sales, ebay, craigslist. i just donated everything away.

good luck.