Thursday, October 23, 2014

72 hour kit

The Ebola scare reminded me that 72 hour kits should be made up for the winter.
Actually, in Kansas, we should have always had a 72 hour kit
between tornados and ice storms,
there are few seasons that a 72 hour kit would not come in handy.
Even so, it just slips my mind and I move forward.

 I taught 72 hour kits to my wayward Home Ec class two years ago.

Off to other things. It slips my mind once again.

While packing up the barn I ran into these:
Yes, dusty and dirty, they are filled
Peeked into the first one.
Hummmm- down sleeping bags, air mattresses, children's clothing
Peeked into the second on.
This doesn't make sense.
Why would I keep a flat iron skillet filled with maxi pads in a tub?

We lived in Monterey many moons ago. 
Our adventure there started two months after the Loma Prieta Earth quake.
We did not go a month without an after shock.
That must have been when I put together these blue boxes.

Checked them out-
matches, stove, bedrolls, water cleaning pills, 
pot, pan, can opener, sanitary supplies…it goes on and on. 
The only things missing are actual water, cash and canned goods.

That saved ME loads of money :)

Do you have your 72 hour kit?
Ours should be more portable, 
but it is almost ready.
In Delaware, we should be able to sustain our family
for a good bit of time
At least enough time to get over the flu!

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Tom Sightings said...

Our 72-hour kit consists of a few buckets of water to flush the toilets in case of power failure . . . and a hotline to our local Hampton Inn, in case the power failure lasts more than 2 nights!