Monday, October 06, 2014

House hunting 101

Three trips to Delaware
Three very different real estate agents

Agent one was young
younger then my 28 year old son, young
His dad built houses
He wanted to sell me one of those houses
or have me buy one in an HOA community
which restricted my dogs from barking.

Moving on

Real estate agent number two
Well rated on Zillow
sold a slew of houses this year
I did all the research and asked to see certain houses
and any others he had in mind
He blocked out four hours
I had flown 1200 miles and rented a car for the three days.

Houses were not as expected
He gave his estimate of what they were worth as we walked out of the door
Then he countered himself
Then he suggested we might start the negotiation at the asking price.

Around lunch he left me waiting at an empty house
Once he got there he commented that he had gone to eat
Hadn't I?
Since we were traveling in separate cars
He planned golf games and softball experiences
While I just tried to find addresses.

We put in a bid on a house
We had been the only lookers in 3 months
The people were at home and obviously loved their house
They were disappointed at how low we started
They countered
We passed.

At least I really got to see the state we
are planning to move to.

Back home again
I saw the perfect house on line
The owner had suddenly passed away
He had been the same age as my husband with many of the same interests
The house was where we wanted
The price we wanted
The size we wanted

I emailed the second real estate guy
Then I called him
Then I did both again
Three days later he got back to me
It took him two days to call the listing agent
She had sold it the night before.

On to a new agent.

This agent I had encountered on my first trip to Delaware
She showed me a house that was way over priced
Three months later she texted me and
asked if we were interested at a lower price.
We weren't
Too much land, too remote
Still, she was nice and aggressive at the same time.

Called her four days before heading out East to see our daughter
She answered- from Florida- and
said she would return home in seven days and could take us out looking.

We scoured the internet
Chose nine houses
With blurry eyes and lots of charts
We met up with her.

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