Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Chat

Laura on View From the Tree House  moved to Hawaii this summer.
Following her transformation
In personal and household weight loss
Has really inspired me.

Joining her in Sunday Afternoon Chats will be a nice way to round my week.

Reading -
                 The Boleyn Inheritance.
                 This is go to book when things are a bit out of sorts. Comfort read.
                  Several children's books were read today as they were sorted.
Listening to -
                The grandmother clock ticking and the dogs as they scurry outside.
                 nothing now.
                  My daughter knows a way to get Downton Abbey
                   Episode three of the season continues to pull me in.
                   Salads for dinner. It is our bi weekly way treat of seasonal veggie.
                  Tonight we enjoyed the last of my grape tomatoes and baby bells.
                   We will miss summer veggies.
Happy I accomplished this week-
                    The paperwork for the house is almost done.
                    I balanced our books and set out a budget for the move.
                    We also took over 13 more boxes of books to the library!
Looking forward to this week-
               Packing the rest of the books for the move.
               Purging my closet.
               A trip to Kansas City with my daughter in law to IKEA.
               We need curtains for this house so we can sell it.
Thankful for-
               My husband, kids and the spouses my children wisely chose.
                The grandchildren
                My younger sister and her husband, they are amazing people.
Bonus question: How did I meet Scott?
                 I was in the officer's club in Wuerzburg after a long week of school. I had sent my fiancé to New York so he could get on with his life. It was November 6. Scott walked in with a friend of mine. I looked up and saw those blue eyes - on a face that was dirty form the mud outside. What is that line, "He had me at hello." We rode his motorcycle everywhere. We were engage on the 20th (after HE called my fiancé and told him the bad news). We married in June.

Black Pants challenge: ok- I start this week. Mine is a dress for a wedding I am going to in six weeks ( and another in five months).

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