Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The house!

We have lived in a ranch with a basement for the last ten years. 
As we age, 
we wanted to make sure that the house we chose fit our choice for one story living.
We looked at many two story houses with a first floor master.
Pretty, not practical for our vision.
Ranch with a basement is hard to find in Delaware. 
Marianne found one for us.
We can use both floors for now 
and later (much later) we can live simply on the main floor.
White house with gray roof. Another Green Gables to me.

 It is on a cul-de-sac.
The grands will be able to ride bikes without worry of traffic.
My walking will increase since the loops of streets are quiet and flat.
For my husband the best part is a 3+ car garage.
I have hoped that his workshop could live within the house
rather then in a second building. Achieved!
My car? I am thinking it will have to be happy outside for the time being.
Maybe later we will build another small garage.
No HOAs in the area. I can even have a close line and a garden.

Screened in porches are a huge part of Delaware living.
Since the house is shaped in an H
the porch is the entire cross length between the bottom legs of the H.
I assure you, this will be my favorite room.
The owner put in an exhaust hood for the bbq.
No more fighting mosquitos for the meat!
Last, it has an amazing outside area.
The family had seven children in this three bedroom, three bath house!
They worked on making great outside areas.
This bridge and firepit are all a part of the property.
After living on 5 acres in Flagstaff and 18 in Kansas, having outside space is very important.
Having outside space that is easy to maintain was even more important.
On 1.3 acres with green space behind,  no curtains needed for the entire back of the house.
LOVE no curtains!

There you have it.
Those were the things that made us both know that this house was a home for us.

The rest of the house looks like a normal house.
Some hardwood floors, split master from other two bedrooms,
close to a military base, in a small town, cute kitchen,
huge, finished, open basement.
You know, good, normal house.

The process is rolling. By Thanksgiving we should in the first stages of moving!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats. The house is lovely. Enjoy it in best of health!