Sunday, October 12, 2014

When school teachers go through their things

My daughter in law giggled when she saw a box
labeled "Excellent Teaching Ideas".
She had no idea that the items in that box
represented hundreds of hours 
of going through materials 
to engage students.
I have purged over forty boxes of items
from the thirty years of working in classrooms.
Teaching every grade from PreK to Eight,
that amounts to loads of "stuff".
Slowly I am getting down to the last few boxes.
They are difficult to give up.

When a person works at a regular job
they cling to their company stapler or tape dispenser.
When they walk out that last day
they may have a box of mementos that hung on their wall.

Teachers, in the past, purchased almost everything in their classrooms.
Posters, children's books, professional books, wall coverings,
even that stapler and tape dispenser.
When I left classrooms I knew that I either took things with me
or they ended up in the trash
because the principal wanted the classroom "clean" for the next teacher.

My husband was very patient with our last move.
Ten years ago he moved it all.
God loves him for it and so do I.

This last two months I have been going through things.
The local Catholic school has received  boxes of
manipulatives  and "leveled reading" books.
Our daughter has taken in several boxes of "stuff" for homeschooling.

The USO took in five boxes, with two ready for them again.
The Library is having a sale soon, they are my largest donation site.

Now I am down to, "What will we really use in the future?"
I wish I could read tea leaves!

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Bonnie said...

I can relate! I am finishing up my last year of work and since I've been working from home for a decade I have notebooks and files that have accumulated. A few choice pages will remain, but I can't wait to purge all those papers!