Thursday, October 09, 2014

Why Delaware?

Even the real estate agent asked.

Here is our list:

1. Close enough to our children
    without driving each other crazy for the next 15 years.
   All bets are off after that if we need full time care.
  There are some great "old age communities" close,
  when the time comes.
  We will be 90 minutes away for now.

2. Reasonable taxes.
    There are no sales taxes in Delaware.
     "Buying into" Delaware comes with a hefty price
          (1.5% of the house price- not deductible),
       Staying put is inexpensive. ($900 a year for a $250,000 house!)
       Pay up front and then there are few worries.
       Income taxes are reasonable.
       We will have to get used to paying them again.
       Kansas doesn't tax military retirement.

3. By the shore
      We looked at Pennsylvania- better personal tax rate,
       but the trip to the ocean meant going through a big city.
       From my new house I can be at a river beach in 10 minutes
       and an ocean in 30.
       My husband can fish the small lakes (they call them ponds)
       I can walk the shore and retrieve shells.

4. A chance to continue learning
    Venturing into DC for lectures,
    Going to Maine for woodcrafting,
    Enjoying art in large cities.
    Delaware offers a good senior university as well.

5. Live close to those who provide the food.
     Farmers are amazing people.
     Within a few miles there is a poultry farm, huge orchard, and a meat locker.
      The Amish are quite present,
       so buying from stalls on the side of the road will be a pleasure.

6. Good health care
     Moving into Medicare, it is important to be near good care.
     Thanks to Mr Biden, the VA is amazing for my husband.
     Until I am very ill, I plan on using the
     John Hopkins Health near my daughter.
     I don't see myself becoming that ill for the next few years.

7. Much closer to old friends
    Scott and I have friends who have settled
    within a car drive of our new house.
    Kansas is lovely.
    We both have made two or three good friends.
     We miss everyone else.

8. Spiritual life is abundant
   I miss active parish life.

9. Privacy on less land
    We love no curtain living.
     Taking care of lots of acres has gotten old.

10. The most important of all
      Our oldest just turned seven.
      If we want to be a  part of their lives, we need to be there.
     Soccer games, Fishing, Woodworking,  Sewing, School work.
     In three years everyone will be on the same coast!
      Whooo Hoooo!

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Tom Sightings said...

Sounds like you've got it figured out ... congrats!