Sunday, November 02, 2014

All Saints Day

Halloween is a special time of year for me.
It isn't that I particularly like to dress up.
I do like to watch little kids have fun.
Most of all it reminds me that All Saints day is the next day.
All Hallowed Eve is an evening of remembering the afterlife.

All Saints Day.
I remember it by thinking about my family of Saints.
Saints- to Catholics- are models
They are guides to what we are called to do.
We often invoke their name when praying
about something. Much like a child asking a mother
to ask a Father for something that is difficult or time consuming.
Saints do not, in any way, take the place of God.
They are just a different avenue to good faith.
Much like asking a wonderful Uncle for information.

Here are the ones I think of :
St Jerome- No the nicest man in the crayon box of heaven.
He didn't really like people, but he did like the truth.
He studied unceasingly to find Jesus' path.
He wrote the Vulgate Bible.
I often think of him when I encounter difficulties that are easier to ignore.

Mary- Mother of Jesus
I ask her to watch over my children and grandchildren
since I can no longer be near them all of the time.
I think of her as a witness to greatness
but a mom all along.
Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, since things are not as great as I think they should be.
Then I think of her.
She had so much to handle.
The Memorare is a prayer that I say often. It reminds me of a mother's duty.

Mother Seton and Mother Teresa are the other ones who come to mind often.
Both women were teachers. Ministers in their own right.
I ask for their help as I search for what is my next step.

 Last, but not least, is a saint not yet recognized within my church. This is John Van Hengle. When I was a child  I remember working side by side with this man had lost everything due to addiction. He chose to follow God. He developed the first food bank in the US.  I call on him to help me with feeding the poor.
His epitaph reads: The poor we shall always have with us but why the hungry?
I am stronger for having a community of saints to witness to me.
They are not living now on the earth,
their memory dwells in our souls.
All Saints Day reminds me to remember their lead. And follow!

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