Monday, December 29, 2014

Moving forward

One hundred years ago my grandmother made a trip
From Chicago to Phoenix,
Never to see her grandparents again.

About the same time my grandfather, her husband,
Made the trip on a train.
Although he was from Chicago,
he had been orphaned in Tenneessee.
He, too, would never see his grandparents again.

Thirty years later my father would move with his father
To LA and later to Phoenix
His mother had passed away
And they had moved to start over.
I am not sure Dad ever saw his grandparents again.

That is how Phoenix went from being a Native American desert
To the thriving metro of Caucasion and Hispanic residents.
People left their families and moved forward.
Some for health,
Others because they were sent,
And last came those for business and employment.

Those people established new schools, new churches, new ways of life.
My father constantly reminded me
how important it was to stay in Phoenix.
I am not sure he did that with any of my sibs.
He was determined I would stay.
He figured most of them would leave.

And yet I left.
I married into the Army.
We saw the world
Almost every year we would see the grandparents
Unlike the past,
We availed ourselves to the yearly vacation home.
Those ties are tight.

We left the Army and traveled "home".
Beautiful, but no longer a fit.

We moved back to our favorite fort.
Beautiful, employment, it even fit.
Happily we lived there
And made two trips a year to see our parents, sibs and later our children.

Now WE have grandchildren.
We decided we were not taking the path of our grandparents.
We want to be close to our grandchildren
Instead of staying away, we moved closer.

We looked around.
Still don't really know how we settled on a state we have never even entered.
Well. We did step foot here, in the military base on our way to Germany
Many many years ago.

So here we are, moving forward.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas Eve

May all of your days. Be blessed
And your lives be full.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I will miss

 Looking out my master bedroom window to the forest. Every. Single. Morning.
Having my granddaughter over to grow up in my kitchen.

My parish. It has really come to life in the last year!
My son flying over our heads.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Retirement is moving

The move is going well.
We packed a 27 ft truck and Scott drove it 1200 miles.
Gosh, we are too old for this!
The costs so far are about $2300.
We have two more smaller loads before we are through

I am driving out to get the house through the winter.
We haven't been apart for two months- ever.
It all seems to be in the moving plan.

Retirement challenges are never easy,
But we are praying it will all be worth it.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Thanksgiving week

They were good weeks.

We signed for the house on Friday.
Saturday was spent trying to figure out the alarm system.
No luck.
We finally concluded that no one would bother a house that had nothing in it!

Thanksgiving was a full family event.
My daughter's family and my son's were all present and accounted for.

My mother's family always gathered on Thanksgiving when I was growing up.
They rotated homes
Everyone came.
It was insane!
You could always count on Aunt CeCe and Uncle George getting into a verbal volley.
I, with my other 24 cousins, would wear olives
at least for a few minutes.
There was lots of running and games
and finally the family picture.
When my Nana passed away, so did the gatherings.

Now we only see each other for a funeral.
Fortunately, my mother and two of her sisters are still holding strong.
I don't want to attend another funeral any time soon.