Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Thanksgiving week

They were good weeks.

We signed for the house on Friday.
Saturday was spent trying to figure out the alarm system.
No luck.
We finally concluded that no one would bother a house that had nothing in it!

Thanksgiving was a full family event.
My daughter's family and my son's were all present and accounted for.

My mother's family always gathered on Thanksgiving when I was growing up.
They rotated homes
Everyone came.
It was insane!
You could always count on Aunt CeCe and Uncle George getting into a verbal volley.
I, with my other 24 cousins, would wear olives
at least for a few minutes.
There was lots of running and games
and finally the family picture.
When my Nana passed away, so did the gatherings.

Now we only see each other for a funeral.
Fortunately, my mother and two of her sisters are still holding strong.
I don't want to attend another funeral any time soon.

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