Thursday, January 22, 2015

Roe v Wade

Let the discussion continue.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Moving is both a joy and a challenge

 For ten years we have enjoyed Kansas .

There are spectacular parts of nature to be loved there.

Our windows were open to beauty.

A new bridge has come to our lives

Colors will be different

And views are different

Slowly boxes been unpacked
I have learned about fish markets, 
Orchards, plantations, marshes.
Today I registered at a church.
I've been here for a month.
The Church has many outreach programs that I have long admired.
Samaritan purse, prison ministry, Habitat, food panty, food kitchen.
I have spent the last three years on the sideline.
My husband, children and grandchildren are a source of future
Making my way back 
Back to service.
I am excited. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First impressions

I have never really spent any time in Delaware before last September.
The last time I was here, I was on a troop transport to Europe
To become a teacher of soldiers' children in Germany.
We landed for about four hours here.
That was thirty- five years ago!

Today I hopped onto a county tour
Free county tour!
First stop was a plantation house of a founding Father.
John Dickenson did not sign the Declaration of Independence because he felt all people should agree on the course of freedom.
He was a Quaker.
Once the Declaration was sign though
He joined the militia.

Next we visited an amazing little museum

The Air Mobility Museum houses a number of full sized aircraft.
You can get much more up front and personal with them than
At the Air and Space Museum .

We ate at
Delightful seafood. Now I know where to purchase fresh seafood.

Last we visited the new county hunter education center.
Delaware is a HUGE hunting state.
Who knew?

What I took away from the day was that Delaware is filled with nice people.
I met them everywhere.
Fun, happy, no airs, not trying to prove anything to anyone.

I really like Delaware!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

My grandfather

Today is my grandfather's birthday.
What a cool day to be born on!
If he was still here he would have been 114 years old.

Each piece

Putting together a new house
Is an adventure.
In the past I have simply put "things" in a "place".

This time it is different.
As I unpack boxes I have time
To look at each piece.
Do we need it?
What memories does the piece bring to the house?

 This is the man I married.
I met him after he had earned a bronze star in Vietnam.
He had returned home to people who threw things at him
As he got off the plane.
I was in seventh grade.

The next seven years he spent hiding out.
He grew his hair long- really long.
He took as many hours as possible in college
Since he loves to learn and
If I might say
Is a brilliant man.
He spent summers in Alaska
Surveying the wilderness.

He finally finished college,
The second time
The same year I did.
He returned to the Army.
He took up running, again.

I met him the day before he was in this picture.
I have the medal to prove it.
He had won the 10,000 meter
For the division in Germany.

So, for the first time in many years.
These two pictures will hang on the wall.
They make me smile.