Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First impressions

I have never really spent any time in Delaware before last September.
The last time I was here, I was on a troop transport to Europe
To become a teacher of soldiers' children in Germany.
We landed for about four hours here.
That was thirty- five years ago!

Today I hopped onto a county tour
Free county tour!
First stop was a plantation house of a founding Father.
John Dickenson did not sign the Declaration of Independence because he felt all people should agree on the course of freedom.
He was a Quaker.
Once the Declaration was sign though
He joined the militia.


Next we visited an amazing little museum


The Air Mobility Museum houses a number of full sized aircraft.
You can get much more up front and personal with them than
At the Air and Space Museum .

We ate at

Delightful seafood. Now I know where to purchase fresh seafood.

Last we visited the new county hunter education center.
Delaware is a HUGE hunting state.
Who knew?

What I took away from the day was that Delaware is filled with nice people.
I met them everywhere.
Fun, happy, no airs, not trying to prove anything to anyone.

I really like Delaware!


Janette said...

I am posting from my I pad.
Obviously, my pictures won't post :(
Maybe when I get back to Kansas in six weeks....

Tom Sightings said...

Glad you're liking Delaware. Most of what I know about the state involves the ten minutes on I95 between NJ and MD. But I have been to Rehoboth and Bethany ... nice places (although they're probably pretty chilly right about now)!

Janette said...

The weather is chilly, but not terrible. I love the seasons and hate the heat. It works for me :) You need to stop by next time you are on the way to a Mid Atlantic beach! No taxes in the stores and low taxes on the land. It is all good.
Enjoy Florida, Tom.