Monday, February 23, 2015


January was spent in Delaware.
I learned a great deal about where we have chosen as our next home.

Our house is very close to The St Jones River.
In fact we have a small tributary in our back yard.
Fortunately our house is built up on a mound or we would be flooded.
The rain comes hard and fast near the seacoast.
And my husband was probably right and we should not have a basement.
It is what it is.

The river becomes quite wide about two miles from my house.
The Air Force has kayaks to rent. We may take the sport up again.
Three miles from my home is the Dickenson Plantation.
He would not sign the Declaration of Independence, but did sign the Constitution.
The house is a "working colonial far" in the summer.
Looks like a great place for some volunteer time.

The Air Mobility Museum has loads of aircraft.
The grands came one day and we played inside for hours.
It is an "old male warriors' club" though.
So if you are a woman and get in the simulator----you will crash.

The best is last.
For the first time in my life sea food is easily accessible and well prepared.
The only thing put in this seafood case are items caught locally.
Fresh seafood.
I am in heaven.

I spent seven weeks in our new house.
The feeling is overwhelming that we have made a good choice.
Even if our children move away, I think this is a much better choice for our old age.
I will join the blue haired ladies at the commissary on Tuesdays.
No problem!

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