Saturday, March 28, 2015

Scrubbing our way to a new house

How many items in and around your house can you scrub?
Here was our list today:
Front door
Front door screen (scrubbed and painted)
Two bathroom floors
Fireplace mantle- stubborn wax!
Three vases and five plant pots
Garage Floor
Barn floor
Barn shower
Barn sink (afraid of barn toilet)!
Window seal (scrubbed and painted)
Rags (need to clean and start again)
Windows (that have not been cleaned since we moved in)
Cupboards (and then apply orange seal- wonderful)
File cabinet
Dog pen

We are pooped!

Friday, March 27, 2015

I forgot the "before" pictures! or Cleaning is driving me crazy

This month of cleaning has done two things to me:
1) I am throwing and giving away more things then I thought I owned.
2) I am becoming OCD.

Good Will now knows me by name.
There are people who watch Craigs List
 just to find out what we are getting rid of today.
My local pantry asks me questions about the spices I bring
and my kids no longer answer the,
"Do you want this?" question.

The OCD is a whole other thing
I suppress my inner need for perfect
It is important to my happiness
I hate things messy and out of place.
BUT it is better for them to be out of place then
driving myself and others crazy to keep them in place.

Having a front door screen missing paint
or chips on the back door
Wires from the ceiling,
Lack of curtains,
unkept beds,
pans handles not going the same way,
dust on the floor of the closet,
They all drive me wild
so I have spent many years ignoring.

All these things have come to light now that we are cleaning.
Guess what? I am enjoying the cleaning experience
and have every intension of keeping my new house
much more "up to snuff".

If you know anyone in need of a small horse ranch
in the middle of God's country
ours is almost ready
with the exception of the small missing piece of plastic
on the front of the green house.
Where IS that thing?

Next time- just pictures!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Moving cannot be put into words.

 We started our move by looking out the window.
Leaving such beauty is either wise or silly.
Some days it feels like both.
We love our Kansas home and property.
 Moving includes packing things that should never have to be packed
This art piece is 5feet by 7 feet.
My husband built a crate.
We must be mad to do this.
 You have to eliminate things.
Some are easy- others you have to think about a great deal.
Will we need this car seat for a visiting child in the future?
What will car seats look like when that child actually visits?
And then there is the actual physical moving of stuff.
Don't ask me how my husband does it.
No way.
If it were up to me the next house would be empty.
But he does it.
I am exhausted thinking about him moving it!
We plan on driving the 1200 miles at least seven times.
Of course I would choose the one week that the snow was so cold
that it froze my windshield wiper fluid.
And now the staging.
Yes, we did what every financial person in the world tells you not to do
We bought our new house before putting our current house on the market.
While my husband is moving in furniture in Delaware
I am moving around much less furniture in Kansas.

There are no words that describe moving.
It is an end and a beginning.
For us, the time has come to be closer to one of our two children and their families.
But leaving Kansas,
It is not for the weak of heart!