Saturday, March 28, 2015

Scrubbing our way to a new house

How many items in and around your house can you scrub?
Here was our list today:
Front door
Front door screen (scrubbed and painted)
Two bathroom floors
Fireplace mantle- stubborn wax!
Three vases and five plant pots
Garage Floor
Barn floor
Barn shower
Barn sink (afraid of barn toilet)!
Window seal (scrubbed and painted)
Rags (need to clean and start again)
Windows (that have not been cleaned since we moved in)
Cupboards (and then apply orange seal- wonderful)
File cabinet
Dog pen

We are pooped!


Barbara said...

If it is any help to you, I found retirement very difficult at first. I read a lot of books about retirement because my friend went there first and she didn't have an easy time. I thought I was prepared by I wasn't. Almost had a mini breakdown because there was so much struggle and life changes going on. And then gradually I began to have a few good days and so it continued. Now I can't imagine my old life. It was too much, too fast, too complicated. I'm sure you'll be just fine but it might take time. I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one that was confused by retirement and that you are not the only one reading about retirement. I read quite a collection of baby boomer blogs, frugal living blogs, simple living blogs and DIY cooking and building blogs. I'm in no way finished morphing and I have just this month been retired one year. I'm happy. I hope you will be too.

Tom Sightings said...

Whew, ur makin' me tired, too! Suggestion: give yourself a deadline ... then at some point, you'll have to stop!

Barbara - said...

I am exhausted just reading this one. I missed it, are you cleaning as you move or are you moved in and then cleaning? I agree with Tom. Make it healthy and then work on it a bit at a time. I feel your pain!

Janette said...

We already purchased a house in Delaware. We have moved some things out there- but given/thrown away many more things.
We started about six months ago and are at the end stages. You know, the times where you can see the dirt that not another living soul can see.
When you moved, I started realizing what we were in for. Whew!
Hopefully this is our last real move. The next one may be into a small independent living apartment in about 15 years!

Barbara - said...

Okay, so now I realize you were talking about cleaning the old house to sell. I'm always confused, loll