Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

What if all of the boomers decide not to retire?
What will the younger generation do?

I was thinking about applying for a teaching position in my next city.


I am a very intense friend.
I tend to either be "all in" or "not involved".
This runs me into loads of problems.

For instance:
I am not the person of whom you ask
"What do you think of this situation?"
and expect to be done in a few minutes.
Looking at things from many angles
at times I appear not to even agree with my original opinion.
What is the historical perspective?
What is the cultural perspective?
Is there a perspective that is racial in background?

In my young days I was the kid on the block
who would sit around and ask questions.
Why do you use two sets of dishes? (Orthodox Jews)
Why do you carry a suit case to temple? (LDS members)
Why do you not have Jesus on YOUR cross? (Baptist)
How could I get such tight curls in my hair (African American)
Why do you have those things hanging from your mirror? (Hispanics)

Fortunately, most people were kind and answered the questions as best they could.
Growing up in Phoenix
I did not realize that most of the world lived segregated lives.
I certainly didn't.

But that did not prepare me for "real world socialization".
The assumption of mine was that everyone was comfortable in being different,
I asked those questions of anyone.
Needless to say,
I don't have a great many friends.
Those friends I do have
just laugh and shake their heads when the question and answer period begins.

It is what it is.
At 57 I am not interested in changing my ways
other conversations are SO boring!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The "I cannot sleep" edition- Food Banks

Yesterday I made another run to the Good Will in town.
I know, I know, most of my things will, most likely, end up somewhere in Asia.

For the last few years our goal has to spend a set amount of money each week
and purchase "loss leaders" for the food bank.
Normal things are: pasta, pasta sauce (not in glass),
canned, low sugared fruit
and cereal. Lately we have purchased lots of cereal.

Taking a gander at my bathroom cupboards several things popped out at me.
Those cool types of soap that never get used.
Shampoos that are opened, and closed because they don't work on my hair.
Individually wrapped maxi pads,
all those little tubes of toothpaste
that we get from the dentist (the toothbrushes as well),
neat chap stick that got purchased
and missed my lips.

In my regular pantry I found:
Dog food that my dogs don't like,
neat types of jelly that we never opened,
a few spices that we bought duplicates of,
and bisquick.

After Good Will I popped over to my local shelter.
With crazy things in hand
I almost did not ring the bell.
Still, what did it hurt to ask?
If they did not want it, I could throw things away.

The door whipped open
The boxes were unpacked in a whirl
and everything was claimed.

Really, I am sharing with you because
you too may want to go through your cupboards as well....

What will you find?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The clean look

What is the difference between living in a house
and living in a house for sale?
The clean look.
It drives my husband crazy
but everything is put away
The counters are all clean
 Ikea has been the place for clean curtains and bedspreads
White of course.

 The barn is almost empty and swept. (The boat is floating on someone else's lake!)
God help the mouse who tries to get in from the rain!
It is different. That is for sure!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another thought about Social Security

I think I like Chris Christy's ideas on Social Security.
I might have to go back to work for a while,
but if it makes the entire system more solvent
it might be worth it.

Monday, April 13, 2015

My relationship with money.

I was reading Cindi's post about relationship with money
 and decided to take on the topic myself.
Here are the questions she took from Wall Street Journal
and my answers.
What is your most painful money memory?
My brother took my silver dollars from me when I was seven.
His power was scary.

What is your most joyful memory about money?
Having enough money from an inheritance to
take our children with us on many great trips!

How did those experiences shape your relationship with money?
I know where my money is and how to spend it to see my family!

What three things did your parents teach you about money?
Always hide money for a rainy day. (Maybe that is not so honest).
Make sure you always have enough for the necessities of life.
Make sure YOU are the person in charge of the money flow!

Which lessons have you applied?
All of them.
#1 Can get me into trouble
#3 I have a difficult time letting go of control.

Were you rich, poor or middle class growing up?
My parents were probably upper middle class.
We had no idea-since we were not a part of the money conversations.
Since I was the middle child-
their early money troubles were never in my prevue.

What were your family's values about money?
They have changed considerably.
When growing up money was about helping others,
doing good for the community,
being a part of the larger picture.
It became- he who has the money has the power!

With my husband and children it is about
saving for the future, but living today.
Money is access.

What is your largest fear about money?
That I will be a bag lady, alone and sick when I am 80.

What is my most important financial goal?
To have enough never to be a bag lady.

What are you willing to do differently about money?
I never plan on owning two houses again.
It drives me crazy.
Once settled, I hope to use more of my money for my community.

I would add one phrase that affects you the most about money.
"Your heart is your money will be there also".
Right now my money is very immediate family orientated.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The ins and outs of MY Social Security

At 57, it seems an eternity until Social Security.
It isn't.
The reality comes to light with my husband turning 65 this year.
In order to afford the added costs of Medicare
He has decided to take his Social Security.

What does that mean to me?
A woman who has worked does not have the opportunity
from what I can tell
to take spousal Social Security
delay her own.
So, I will be taking my Social Security at full retirement
and then if my husband passes
I will get his Social Security
which will be a bit smaller than normal
because he took his " early".

What does that mean?
If I was allowed to take spousal Social Security
I could wait and take my full Social Security at 70.
My payments would be larger then either of our payments
I would stick with mine- even after he passes.
if I take mine early
my part of his social security will be reduced by that much
when he passes.

Gosh the rules are all messed up!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Back on our heads!

We have had five showings of the house since last Tuesday.
No offers yet.
We are diffusing orange essential oils,
keeping every counter clear and
every bed made.

I don't know how long we can keep this up.
Our last house sold before it hit the market.

I need a good book for sitting at the park with the doggies.
This is my current choice:
How about you? What are you reading?

Of course this breaking news will keep me up tonight!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What is the purpose?

The last three days the house things have been put on hold.
My husband and I have been trading off caring for our
20 month old grand daughter.

She is a pill.
Beginning to repeat every word
Making us play, "Let it Go" 100 times
1,000 books read
Napes in every room of the house,
flowers planted.

Still she did not stop
our concern for her mom and baby sister or brother
Listeria is a scary bacteria
How can eating ice cream be a bad thing

With our son "in the field"
we took turns watching our precious
while mommy went to get an IV of antibiotics

I think we are done.
It looks like she dodged the bacteria
It made me stop and ponder

What is the purpose of anything without our littles?

When their little family moves to California and close to her family,
and we move to Delaware to be close to our daughter's family
We will have great comfort
that what I took to the foot of the cross on Friday
will be cared for.
They, through Him, are the purpose.

In extension it reminded me
that my purpose is to be for the children
everyone's children.
Good reminder for what I will tread into
on our next great adventure.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Sometimes it is too much all about ourselves.

This article Reminds me it is not all about me, or my family, or "my" poor or "my" country.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The pay off

Today was the "Broker" open house.
My marketing tool is to get as many people in as possible to see the house.
I talked my realtor into it.
Zillow and I became good friends.
She worked her broker friends.
Emails, snail mail, hand delivery and a bit of a bribe.

Our town is relatively small.
There are about fifteen firms in town.
We got an amazing
TWENTY brokers out to see the house.
Five were from the next town over.
Every other major firm sent at least one person!
We already have scheduled two showings!
The spit

And shine
May have been worth it.

If you know anyone in the market for 17 acres
A house
 And a 5000 SqFt Morton Building

In Kansas
Let me know!