Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another thought about Social Security

I think I like Chris Christy's ideas on Social Security.
I might have to go back to work for a while,
but if it makes the entire system more solvent
it might be worth it.


Bonnie said...

It's an interesting concept but one that's easy right now to get around since he's only addressing "income" which doesn't include investment income. Any one with that kind of money should have a smart accountant that can keep them under the income level and still receive money from of investments.

Janette said...

I guess if they are willing to cheat the system- more to them. They, most likely, have been cheating it all of their lives.
Something HAS to start the conversation. I think it is brave that he is willing to take it on.

Janette said...

Thanks for the remark. It keeps the conversation going.

thriftyatsixty said...

It's very easy to solve social security but something that no politician will do. It's very simple: just keep taxing people social security & medicare for salaries above the $108,000 threshold. Right now, no more taxes are taken out for social security and medicare once a person earns that amount (it may have been increased by now, but NOT by much). All that income above the threshold is NOT taxed. That is how the rich are favored and the poorer classes suffer. Millions and millions of taxes are left untouched. Now, Christie wants to curtain social security benefits to those who earn $80,000? Where does he come off to decide that $80K is enough for some people? Who the hell does Christie think he is? God? And raise the retirement age to 69? While benefits stop accumulating at age 70? The only saving grace for all of us is that Christie will NEVER be elected to anything.
Tax the rich earners who rise above the $108K threshold and shut the hell up! Problem solved!