Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I am a very intense friend.
I tend to either be "all in" or "not involved".
This runs me into loads of problems.

For instance:
I am not the person of whom you ask
"What do you think of this situation?"
and expect to be done in a few minutes.
Looking at things from many angles
at times I appear not to even agree with my original opinion.
What is the historical perspective?
What is the cultural perspective?
Is there a perspective that is racial in background?

In my young days I was the kid on the block
who would sit around and ask questions.
Why do you use two sets of dishes? (Orthodox Jews)
Why do you carry a suit case to temple? (LDS members)
Why do you not have Jesus on YOUR cross? (Baptist)
How could I get such tight curls in my hair (African American)
Why do you have those things hanging from your mirror? (Hispanics)

Fortunately, most people were kind and answered the questions as best they could.
Growing up in Phoenix
I did not realize that most of the world lived segregated lives.
I certainly didn't.

But that did not prepare me for "real world socialization".
The assumption of mine was that everyone was comfortable in being different,
I asked those questions of anyone.
Needless to say,
I don't have a great many friends.
Those friends I do have
just laugh and shake their heads when the question and answer period begins.

It is what it is.
At 57 I am not interested in changing my ways
other conversations are SO boring!


Bonnie said...

Don't ever change that about yourself, I hope to meet you some day and get a good dose myself!

Janette said...

Thanks Bonnie!