Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The "I cannot sleep" edition- Food Banks

Yesterday I made another run to the Good Will in town.
I know, I know, most of my things will, most likely, end up somewhere in Asia.

For the last few years our goal has to spend a set amount of money each week
and purchase "loss leaders" for the food bank.
Normal things are: pasta, pasta sauce (not in glass),
canned, low sugared fruit
and cereal. Lately we have purchased lots of cereal.

Taking a gander at my bathroom cupboards several things popped out at me.
Those cool types of soap that never get used.
Shampoos that are opened, and closed because they don't work on my hair.
Individually wrapped maxi pads,
all those little tubes of toothpaste
that we get from the dentist (the toothbrushes as well),
neat chap stick that got purchased
and missed my lips.

In my regular pantry I found:
Dog food that my dogs don't like,
neat types of jelly that we never opened,
a few spices that we bought duplicates of,
and bisquick.

After Good Will I popped over to my local shelter.
With crazy things in hand
I almost did not ring the bell.
Still, what did it hurt to ask?
If they did not want it, I could throw things away.

The door whipped open
The boxes were unpacked in a whirl
and everything was claimed.

Really, I am sharing with you because
you too may want to go through your cupboards as well....

What will you find?


RAnn said...

It is wonderful that your shelter will take that stuff. For liability reasons so many places today won't take anything that has been opened, or that is expired (even if it is perfectly good).

Janette said...

Asking is the key.
I was told the same thing.
Technically, the shelter did not take the things.
The people IN the shelter took them :)