Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What is the purpose?

The last three days the house things have been put on hold.
My husband and I have been trading off caring for our
20 month old grand daughter.

She is a pill.
Beginning to repeat every word
Making us play, "Let it Go" 100 times
1,000 books read
Napes in every room of the house,
flowers planted.

Still she did not stop
our concern for her mom and baby sister or brother
Listeria is a scary bacteria
How can eating ice cream be a bad thing

With our son "in the field"
we took turns watching our precious
while mommy went to get an IV of antibiotics

I think we are done.
It looks like she dodged the bacteria
It made me stop and ponder

What is the purpose of anything without our littles?

When their little family moves to California and close to her family,
and we move to Delaware to be close to our daughter's family
We will have great comfort
that what I took to the foot of the cross on Friday
will be cared for.
They, through Him, are the purpose.

In extension it reminded me
that my purpose is to be for the children
everyone's children.
Good reminder for what I will tread into
on our next great adventure.

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