Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Best and Worst travel experience

Laura, over at Occasional Nomad, asked about our best and worst travel experiences.
That set off a 30 minute discussion at my house.

We have had some wild trips-mtogether and alone.
All of them turned out fine, with chuckles now.

Here are my top three worst.
1) Getting stuck in a small Turkish lobby at the airport with my children.
    We had boarded the plane in London. I was not aware that we had to change planes in Turkey. Without a visa, we were not allowed to leave the deboarding area of one plane to board the other. I had to give our diplomatic passports to a pilot and ask him to secure a visa. He left. We waited- an hour- before he returned. He had eaten lunch and "forgotten" he had our passports!

2) "Don't get on that plane" said the Boeing trainers as they deplaned a new 727. Unfortunately, it was the only one headed for Hong Kong that week from Chengdu. We did board. The pilot took off. He then throddled back too soon and put the large jet into a stall. We were going down. Things were flying everywhere. I was saying many prayers. He fired engines  back up as we could see people in the apartment windows looking at us.

3)We went out to the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia to go arrow head searching. This is an area of sand dunes many stories tall. Normally you could tell if there was a drop off or a gentle hill to go down the other side. You guessed it. We went off the dune. Launched. When we landed Scott hit the gas and we spun so we could surf to safety. Unfortunately one of the other cars spun right into the empty lake bed instead and we spent the next eight hours digging out.

My husband wants to add his single worst. He was on a plane to Inner Mongolia. The co pilot came out to chat. Then the pilot came out to use the bathroom. The pilot returned to the cockpit door. Lots of quiet cussing. Then the pilot and co pilot went to the back of the plane. When they returned they closed the curtain between the cabin and the cockpit door. A number of slams were heard. When the plane was landed and curtains pulled back- the door had been chopped down.....

The best trips, there were so many.
My first glimpse of Tetons, Yellowstone geysers, Denali, pyramids, castles, places where Lincoln and Douglas debated.
Still, my best trip was taking the double decker bus through spice alley on the way to PokFuLam, my Hong Kong home. The smells, sights, people. I can see it like it was yesterday. It happened 24 years ago last week.


Anonymous said...

Dubai. Saudi Arabia. Hong Kong.

I got a paper cut when I was reading my Motel 8 bill in Hoboken, NJ. Does that count for anything?

I can't compete with you or Laura. :(

Tom Sightings said...

Many good ones; but the worst was in the early 1970s. We went camping near Rehoboth Beach. It was hot. We got sunburned. Bugs galore. Strange things burrowed under our tent. There were jellyfish in the water so we couldn't go swimming. We finally found a motel and gave them $2 to let us swim in their pool for an hour. Bliss! Have never gone camping again.