Sunday, August 30, 2015

A week of sweet treats

The boys were here last week.
And one of my closest friends in the world.
And my daughter
and her daughter.
It was a full house.

Guess what?
It was a blast!
We went to the Farmer's Store,
Observed buggies of all sorts,
took walks and observed stars,
Went to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge beach
Went to Rehoboth Beach,
and went to Bethany Beach!

My grandson learned how to play poker.
We played Trouble and
Ticket to Ride.

We got to Church thirty minutes late
which still gave my youngest grandson
the opportunity to say "hello" to everyone
in the area.

And we laughed and played and chased and napped.

Such fun!

And! my stocks were fine in the end.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

That hurt! Stocks on the move!

Half of my retirement money is in the market.

My husband got out entirely on Monday.
Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

 took a huge hit today
because someone decided that cable tv was going to disappear soon.
Somehow they missed the part about Star Wars coming out in December.
But that is a whole other story.

Most of my investments are stable companies
They all went negative.
Still ahead, my thought is to go ahead and get out.
The last drop was like this-
drip, drip, splat!
I will have to sleep on it.

There was this huge "patting on the back" procession
in the last two years
that things are back to normal.

I guess they are not!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

When you are in doubt that the world is going OK

You need to look around

I have had more babies in my life in the last two years then in the last twenty.
A new child really says
The world is full of wonder to share!

What does a little person think is important?

I handed my two year old grand the camera.
First she took pictures
and then asked me to take a picture.

She sums up life-
doesn't she?

 Daddy and Mommy
 Best friend
 Shoes are amazingly important to a little. "Doggies don't wear shoes!"

Riding and picking flowers!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cash or credit on a trip

We do not use debit cards or ATM machines.
We had bad experiences at the beginning of our marriage
and never went back.

Ohhhh, but, the incredible cash back credit card!
They lure you in and
 make you feel like you are cheating on them when you do not use them.

Travel budgets are difficult to gage at times
It has to become a line item when your income is fixed.

This trip is all about the cash envelope
Do I really want to spend $50 on a cute stuffed sea lion for my darling grands
or maybe $150 on dinner?
With credit it is so easy to justify it all.
For me it is
Much more painful to pull out a ten and pay a bill
then hand someone a card.

But cash is so easily stolen.
And our credit cards are not?

broken in pain
are simply habits
that need to go away.

Then advantage, of course,
comes in the end
when the front door of my house
hits me in the tush
and there isn't a "lovely" bill
waiting on the 15th of the month.

Just Visiting

Two coasts
Three- almost four - grandchildren.
This week sees me on the West Coast on baby watch.
My feet will touch the Pacific today and the Atlantic on Thursday.
Retirement at its best.

Friday, August 07, 2015

On the search for a great diner

Two weeks ago we went to the Country Eatery for breakfast
Set on a main street
We were concerned it may not be very good
We were SO wrong.
This small eatery was excellent.
I had:
2 Poached Eggs over a Crabcake
on English Muffin topped with
Hollandaise Sauce & served
with Home Fries

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as
Hollandaise tingled on my tongue 
while the crab cake melted away.

We determined this would be a "go to" place when family was in town.
It was about ten miles away
How about something close to the house

Magnolia Diner is about
two miles away.
The menu was extensive
That should have been 
our first clue.
Worst diner I have 
been to in a very long time.

There are three other diners near us.
Should we try another one?Slugmama says to try 
Where Pigs Fly
That one may be the next on our list!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

So much for moving slowing down my family travel budget.

We were beginning to think we actually MAY get to travel to Turkey next spring.
The plan was a few days in Jerusalem, Jordan, then a week in Turkey
retuning on the train to Vienna.
No such luck!
Life happens
Actually, I don't mind family life happening

Instead I am heading for Monterey next week
My son and his wife are expecting #2
and they asked for help watching #1
Gladly, I am packing my bag.
I love that family!
I'll be taking my reef walkers and a good net
for the tide pools with our little girl.

We already have plans to be out again
in September to meet our newest Grandson!

My daughter's family (I love them to pieces too)
Have not seen my mom in over a year.
Once the house sold
We set up a trip to Phoenix when it is a bit cooler.
We will be taking in Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon while we are at it!

We don't have plans for November---YET!
December everyone is here
and we will be at the beach for part of Christmas.

It is all good!
Turkey? Maybe October of 2016?
Let's hope that they figure out their
tribal wars before we get there.

Now THAT is wishful thinking!