Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cash or credit on a trip

We do not use debit cards or ATM machines.
We had bad experiences at the beginning of our marriage
and never went back.

Ohhhh, but, the incredible cash back credit card!
They lure you in and
 make you feel like you are cheating on them when you do not use them.

Travel budgets are difficult to gage at times
It has to become a line item when your income is fixed.

This trip is all about the cash envelope
Do I really want to spend $50 on a cute stuffed sea lion for my darling grands
or maybe $150 on dinner?
With credit it is so easy to justify it all.
For me it is
Much more painful to pull out a ten and pay a bill
then hand someone a card.

But cash is so easily stolen.
And our credit cards are not?

broken in pain
are simply habits
that need to go away.

Then advantage, of course,
comes in the end
when the front door of my house
hits me in the tush
and there isn't a "lovely" bill
waiting on the 15th of the month.


Tom Sightings said...

I use a credit card, take the cash back; pay off in full every month. Like I tell my kids, I can't afford to carry a balance on my credit card (at 19 - 20% interest!?!) I've spent $100 on dinner a few times, but never $150.

Janette said...

:) Six people- $150 is easy!

RAnn said...

I find cash slips through my fingers more easily than credit. Loose change especially.