Sunday, August 02, 2015

So much for moving slowing down my family travel budget.

We were beginning to think we actually MAY get to travel to Turkey next spring.
The plan was a few days in Jerusalem, Jordan, then a week in Turkey
retuning on the train to Vienna.
No such luck!
Life happens
Actually, I don't mind family life happening

Instead I am heading for Monterey next week
My son and his wife are expecting #2
and they asked for help watching #1
Gladly, I am packing my bag.
I love that family!
I'll be taking my reef walkers and a good net
for the tide pools with our little girl.

We already have plans to be out again
in September to meet our newest Grandson!

My daughter's family (I love them to pieces too)
Have not seen my mom in over a year.
Once the house sold
We set up a trip to Phoenix when it is a bit cooler.
We will be taking in Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon while we are at it!

We don't have plans for November---YET!
December everyone is here
and we will be at the beach for part of Christmas.

It is all good!
Turkey? Maybe October of 2016?
Let's hope that they figure out their
tribal wars before we get there.

Now THAT is wishful thinking!

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