Friday, September 18, 2015

The tales of a closet prepper!

We moved to Delaware before we found out that we are in the direct blast zone for DC.
Not only that, but I had no idea that this area is filled with nuclear plants
(No wonder why no one in this area cares if coal is stopped.)
We live on the "other side" of a five mile bridge to my kids.

Prepping has started.
One could say that they are simply getting ready for a natural disaster.
Growing up practice to duck and cover did change me from a
niave little girl to a long time "look after yourself" person.
Even if it turns out to be for a natural disaster,
my house will be ready!

Here is the latest and greatest
within my budget, of course:
This is called a family life straw. 
It filters water in remote areas of Africa to better standards then most US cities.
You can buy a personal sized one
but it has a limited life.

This stuff is a bit pricy, but ultimately cool.
It does what it says it does
puts anything back together

Not like I am going to run away from my house....
This will be kept in my car from now on
( along with my small leatherman and my seat belt cutter).

When we lived in Germany we were required to carry a good first aide kit.
That kit has disappeared over the years 
(or maybe it migrated to my husband's truck).
A good first aide kit lives in my car once again.

After we were "iced" into our house for ten days in Kansas
we learned to have plenty of easy food on hand
and a way to cook it. 
Plenty of fire wood, a cast iron pot and some great eats
will keep us happy.
Hope we don't end up forging!

The best part of prepping is to hope that you will never have to use your supplies.
Canned chicken anyone?

For many more great ideas on how to be prepared
This guy has wonderful links!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Off to the races

Most of our stocks have been sold
Canning is almost done for the season
CSA has been purchased for the fall

YMCA has been joined for the winter
I am ready for the grands
And we are ready for fall!
Wonder how many bags of leaves we will have in about five weeks!
Best of all---- I have already started shopping for Christmas

Friday, September 04, 2015

Sleep can be very illusive

It is three am
My husband and dogs are fully asleep
He will be up in three short hours
and I will be soooo tired.

Anyone have some great tips on how to sleep through the night?