Friday, September 04, 2015

Sleep can be very illusive

It is three am
My husband and dogs are fully asleep
He will be up in three short hours
and I will be soooo tired.

Anyone have some great tips on how to sleep through the night?


Anonymous said...

On the nights I can't sleep through the night, I make it up by sleeping during the day. I take a nap. That's the beauty of being retired. No time clocks here.

Good luck!

Barbara - said...

I've got these special cookies I would share with you, but I would not want to get you in trouble. Have you tried just staying up late and getting up later. Letting your husband quietly do things on his own in the morning and seeing if your body clock needs a change? even with my cookies, I go to sleep at midnight and never get up before close to nine. the person that wakes up at six just knows to close the door and leave me alone (and yes, I did this when my husband was still living, we had completely different body rythms).