Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Busy month!

My drive back and forth to see the grands provide lovely scenes. 
This is one of the farms I pass.
It is a lovely Maryland farm.
I had no idea that there were these.

One of my trips ended at the aquarium with a group of boys.
I learned about sharks, conches and Skylanders!
 Later in the month my daughter's family and I traveled to Phoenix to see my mom and family.
One of my deeds this trip was to help my mom divide my Nana's charm bracelet.
This is the name and date of me and every one of my cousins.

 After we were done we visited the graveyard where many of my family are laid.
We found Dad, Nana and my grandfather, My dad's father and step mom, my aunt and uncle and last we went to find my Nana's parents. Here is her mother.
 Here are the father and the step mother who raised my Nana in Phoenix.

Loading up the mini van my daughter's family and I went to the land of my college and her high school years.  First stopping in Sedona for a shot of the redrocks. Missing the redrocks is one thing, missing the sycamore trees in Oak Creek is very different.  Sorry, I cannot take a picture of those scents!
 Flagstaff.  The leaves were changing, the skies were wonderful, we had a rain, saw my sister and enjoyed our old city.

One of the days we loaded up again and headed to the Grand Canyon.

It was a glorious day.
They headed home and my flight left for 46 hours in Vegas with my sister in law.

Coming back to fall. The festival in my town continues

And the leaves are changing.

Last weekend my bff from 1975 moved out of her house in Coatesville PA. She and her husband are doing the ultimate and moving in with their daughter, son in law and new grandbaby. God bless them. If you want an amazing house in PA, this is the one!
Yesterday I sold my car. 122,000 miles and nine years, it is tired. My new car sits in the driveway waiting for another trip to see the grands. My husband asked me to stay home at least one day!

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Elena LaVictoire said...

I really like the idea of a charm for each grandchild!