Thursday, October 01, 2015

Closing a house

A good friend's husband worked at a plant that laid off 90% of their workers
and so
I went to a her state
and began to help her close her house.

As an Army family
we learned to let go and just move.
This week marked a time in which I am beginning to understand
what a stressful thing it is to move.

What a week it was:
Facebook discussion with an African American
who informed me that he couldn't be racist
against Ben Carson because
he was black.

Blood moon viewing with my grandson
after birthday cake celebrating our birthdays.

News of the lay off and invitation to help pack

Planned Parenthood off the rails
baffling people with their bull sh=t

Listening to the news about the Russians and Syria

Hearing about another school shooting
but wondering how many African American kids
were killed in the last month, but nobody cares.

Gosh, Depressed?
No time, got to get ready for a hurricane.

Really, all is well. Looking forward to a quiet week of retirement

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Losing a job, at any age, is tough. Moving because of the job loss is worse still.
You did a good thing, helping that person out.
It was a heartening week, wasn't it.
I turned the TV off this morning.
I had enough.
Enjoying my retirement even more than ever these days.
I now know what the word 'blessed' means.

Hang in there.