Thursday, November 26, 2015

The four day week

My daughter brought her sons over for a few days.
My grandson is learning that writing is not such a scary thing
The beginning of the week 
I taught him how to use the computer
to write his ideas down
find a picture on the internet
Why is it that it took me 5-7 months to teach the same skill
while teaching sixth grade?
 We also journeyed out to the bay to watch the moon rise.

There was lots of decorating for the feast. Both boys enjoyed putting it together. The younger was more interested in trying to EAT the corn---but that is a two year old for you!
 There was lots of relaxing and bare foot time.
This was the best type of Thanksgiving
Just hanging out and enjoying the week!
How was your Thanksgiving?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Guilt trips and fear mongering

They are the same thing.
Neither gets the person to the next step
of offering a helping hand.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


In the last five days there has been a screaming match over
taking refugees in from Syria
or from the Middle East in general.

The US has long lived a refugee crisis
Europe is just now experiencing what we have
chosen not to deal with for the last fifty years.
We have refugees,
millions of them,
Would we be better served to actually deal with our own refugees?
Could we not process
and gently resettle
those who come to our souther border
or in airplanes?

Could we not take our refugee monies
and help them get settled
and give them "an identity"
and an education?

Could we stop calling them aliens?
Illegal aliens?
Could we teach them the courtesies of our county
and the language?
Give them money to settle and a place to lay their head?

Some would argue that they do not flee from war.
As a person who has fled from civil unrest
gunfire or lack of a job to care for a family
feels like war on a different level.

Quit complaining and begin to take care
of the refugees we have.
We could take in some more-
but let's care for those we already have.
Maybe it is time for Europe take in the people
they colonized
and stole from for the last 400 years.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Who/What shaped you?

As an educator
my feeling is that people are formed
both by nature and nurture.

Our nature is looking far more complicated then we previously felt.
If our mothers carry the cells of her mother
and all of our older sibs
besides hers and our father's when we are conceived,
then our nurture could go back many generations.
Although we are mostly "named" by the father's family,
We truly are more a part of our mother's.

Another part of nurture is the engagement of the brain in learning.
We are learning that our brain turns off main control
in certain areas
 around the age of seven and
moves learning to another center.
That "transfer" seems to be when a child learns to read.

Biblically, we find the passage PS 22:6
"Train them up the way they should go
and they will not depart from it."
We know that people depart all the time,
but do they?
Self esteem seems to be rather set by the age of seven.
Seven is considered the age of reason.
Maybe those early influences set us on "our path"?
Does it change when there are outside unexpected influences?

A new study has been researching children who had
traumatic things happen to them before the age of seven.
They concluded that those happenings can result in a lifelong
depressive state.
Could it be that the center that learning occurs in early on
holds our newly formed emotions?
One could conclude it would be very difficult to
change those feelings since that part of the brain
is no longer used for new learning.

There is another study that states that if a child
in the primary grades
has two bad years in a row
that child will always struggle with school.
Could one then conclude
that two bad years can take down self esteem
and depression can be set in?

I do know that many "good" friends are made in very certain times in our lives.
Primary grades- when learning is new.
Around thirteen, when learning moves to a different level
and then transition periods (marriage, children, deaths of loved ones, new job/business).
It doesn't seem the brain is studied much at this point.
Maybe there is learning in a new section since all the learning before,
has little to do with that moment?
There are not many times as adults these periods come
and the friends we make at these times are important in influence.

I know I am rambling
but suddenly the stages of shaping seem so important to me.

What do you think?
Too heady for this time of the year?

Maybe I just need more time at the shore?

Monday, November 02, 2015

All Souls

All souls day is an important day for me.
Traditionally, my family never really did anything for this day.
As I grew into my teens I felt need to pray for my father's mother
and then my mother's father,
Neither whom I had  met.

My Dad's mom died in a fire with her mother
when my father was 18 months old.
May 1929.
 My mother's father passed away from a stroke in December 1945
I still pray for their souls,
but more often I pray that they watch over
my children's souls.

The superstition is that when the person "makes it to God"
they no longer need our prayers.
The need to pray for these two has dissipated over the years.
Instead people of my past- Father Tom, my Dad,
my Grandparents I did know and
my Godparents come to mind.

There is great comfort in my religion that there is a continuity of souls.
Some agree and others do not
but believing that those who lived before us are still within us is now
becoming science.

They are now even seeing how generations before leave cells along the way.
Meeting of heaven and earth.