Monday, November 02, 2015

All Souls

All souls day is an important day for me.
Traditionally, my family never really did anything for this day.
As I grew into my teens I felt need to pray for my father's mother
and then my mother's father,
Neither whom I had  met.

My Dad's mom died in a fire with her mother
when my father was 18 months old.
May 1929.
 My mother's father passed away from a stroke in December 1945
I still pray for their souls,
but more often I pray that they watch over
my children's souls.

The superstition is that when the person "makes it to God"
they no longer need our prayers.
The need to pray for these two has dissipated over the years.
Instead people of my past- Father Tom, my Dad,
my Grandparents I did know and
my Godparents come to mind.

There is great comfort in my religion that there is a continuity of souls.
Some agree and others do not
but believing that those who lived before us are still within us is now
becoming science.

They are now even seeing how generations before leave cells along the way.
Meeting of heaven and earth.

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Kimberly said...

Beautifully put!