Thursday, November 19, 2015


In the last five days there has been a screaming match over
taking refugees in from Syria
or from the Middle East in general.

The US has long lived a refugee crisis
Europe is just now experiencing what we have
chosen not to deal with for the last fifty years.
We have refugees,
millions of them,
Would we be better served to actually deal with our own refugees?
Could we not process
and gently resettle
those who come to our souther border
or in airplanes?

Could we not take our refugee monies
and help them get settled
and give them "an identity"
and an education?

Could we stop calling them aliens?
Illegal aliens?
Could we teach them the courtesies of our county
and the language?
Give them money to settle and a place to lay their head?

Some would argue that they do not flee from war.
As a person who has fled from civil unrest
gunfire or lack of a job to care for a family
feels like war on a different level.

Quit complaining and begin to take care
of the refugees we have.
We could take in some more-
but let's care for those we already have.
Maybe it is time for Europe take in the people
they colonized
and stole from for the last 400 years.


Cindi said...

I feel that not only do we have to fight through terrorism, we also have to fight through Obama. Instead of having a president who puts the safety of the citizens first, I feel as if our safety is at the bottom of some list. I've never experienced anything like this before in our country. Where am I going wrong?

All we are asking is for a 'pause'. Let the refugees be properly vetted. The Feds won't even answer the governors questions as to the vetting process, the results, or anything. We just have to take their word for it and trust Obama. As in 'if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor". I don't get it.

slugmama said...

I don't know who the "haters" despise more-the Hispanic refugees here now or the non-Christian refugees who want in too from Syria, etc.
The fear of those not like us permeates this argument on immigration.

Tom Sightings said...

Your whole post is nicely phrased ... I wish I could do as well. Anyway, you mention Europe's aggression in the Middle East, and it's true. But the U. S. has been complicit as well, if not for a thousand years like Europe, at least for a hundred years. Anyway, yes, we should take some refugees, but considering Paris etc., it just makes sense to do some vetting of people before they come here.

Janette said...

I agree that we have been complicit Tom, but not even close to the way Europe has in the Middle East and Africa. I feel we are "paying" for our suppression of those south of us by our illegals invading. This year the stat is right about 10,000 over the southern border. I really thing Europe needs to work on themselves. Having 50-70% of your "immigrant" population out of work is CRAZY.
Cindi, I know the process the state department uses. Do not believe what the media tells you. They have an amazing (and long) process.
Slugmama, I, for one, feel the Islamic refugees are far more hazardous to our health. Then again, I don't live on the border and don't know lots of Cartel people.