Saturday, December 26, 2015

It is time to be open.

Yesterday I spent an amazing day with the family.
Everyone was here with us to enjoy the toddlers.
And now it is time to really reflect the call of the Nativity.

A new season has begun.
Can we open our hearts and homes to strangers?
The refugee crisis- both Middle Eastern and southern border
seems to loom large in my heart.

I mentioned to a friend that if each Catholic parish took in one family
there would be more then 8,000 families cared for.
Let's extend that challenge to each church.
Look around
If each church took in one family-
even a single person-
and cared only for them for a year,
then what change would happen.

Let's extend that further.
If each community took in one family.....

You can only eat an elephant one bit at a time.

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