Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Just visiting

I never met my father's grandparents
on either side.
 Had they passed away before my birth,
I do not know.

We only went to "visit" my father's side of the family once,
that I remember.
I was six.
There were LOADS of them.
With twenty or so second cousins
Dad was in the mist of family.
We never saw them again.

All visiting at Holyday time
was with my mother's family.
That actually stopped when Nana passed away in 1975
and most of us went to college.
Twenty two children in 12 years!
Here we are at Thanksgiving in 1966

Moving to my generation.
We spent three Christmas tides
but not one Thanksgiving
with my husband's parents.
We did visit about once a year,
but only when travel was good
and we could drive.

We saw my family several times a year.
Sometimes I even left my husband at home
and went to Thanksgiving with the kids and not him.
How did he tolerate that?
Not very "fair", was it?

My mother, two brothers and a sister still gather every
Christmas and Thanksgiving.
The youngers are beginning to drop off
having those celebrations with other sides of their new families.

My children are now grown and married.
We decided that we would attempt one HolyDay
together each year.
This year it will be Christmas.
Next year it is looking like Thanksgiving or Easter.
We try to pay for transportation.
It is tough when you have littles to pay for
and time in a car is not fun!

Otherwise, my husband and I spend the HolyDay together or
with our daughter's family.
My daughter's family doesn't see her husband's family much.
A two day drive or four plane tickets
They are driving out this summer,
much like we used to do with my husband's family.
Bite the bullet and just do it!

Does this mean we love each other less?
The time spent together, any time of the year,
is so valued.
Christmas does not mean less because we have to
share with each other on the phone
(Face time is fantastic).

Families evolve.
I cannot imagine being the first to move to the States
without anyone

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Anonymous said...

Love FaceTime. Wish it was around when my dad was alive. He would have loved to use it to speak and see his sister back in Italy. They used to write to each other often. It would take at least two weeks for each letter to arrive. Now, today? They could have seen each other instantly.
So love FaceTime.