Sunday, December 20, 2015

No Snow!

Global Warming?
El Nino?
My friend praying for a warm winter?

Can you believe that we moved East and have no snow for Christmas?

We, 39.1619° N, are almost on the same latitude as Kansas, 39.1917°N,
and they have plenty of snow.
OK they are a bit more north.

Flagstaff is at 35.1992° N , but they are also at 7,000 ft. They, also, have snow. 
Dover is sea level (actually, 30Ft above sea level---whooopie)
Christmas will come, with or without snow. 
It will be the first one in three years that our small family will be under the same roof on Christmas night. 
All is well!


slugmama said...

We are traveling right after Xmas so keep that white stuff far from me! lolz
Being together is the best way to be for the Holidays, may yours be just right. 8-)

Tom Sightings said...

A white Christmas is actually fairly rare in the mid-Atlantic states, esp. along the coast. But, wait till Jan. and Feb.! Glad your family will be together ... have a Merry.