Thursday, December 31, 2015

Random thoughts

The trip to Annapolis for fireworks begins today.

There has been feasting and walking and games and "potty chair" and baby laughter for the last eight days. The house will seem quite dull pretty soon.

Last year was pretty darn good, as far as years go.
New grandbaby
New house
Our relationship feels like a good pair of slippers
general contentment.

2016 looks very interesting
since we both LOVE politics.
Who will the voters actually choose
(not the television polls of 150 people)?
We enjoy watching and debating ourselves.
What ever happened to civil debate?
A debate for another day.
Which candidate will break out of the pack?
and then the election.
We will probably attend the


 of whoever wins. Of course that is two Januarys from now.

In the middle of political season
comes a huge blessing
A new grand will be born in April
or maybe March.
Their baptism will be
coupled with First Communion of the baby's sib.
Those events will be much more exciting.

We will do a bit of travel to see the West Coast family.
It is the year of fifth and tenth anniversaries of our children's marriages.
Yes, another great year on tap.

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