Friday, December 04, 2015

Self defense

Lots of self defense classes were taught to
my group of ten national Saxon consultants.
We traveled the entire country
in servicing in every type of neighborhood possible.

Some of the best lessons were:
Always be aware of where you are.
Look around you for exits
no matter where you are.

Listen- don't put earphones on out in public.

See something- say something.
Make those calls to 911 if it looks out of place
better to be safe then sorry.

Carry a great fashion magazine!
Although they cannot stop a bullet- they can slow it down.
If you roll it- it can be used as a baton to push away someone
Or hit them  across the face.
You can also throw it at someone
very distracting.

Get low and get out.
If you choose to make a stand-
get everyone else low and behind as much as possible.

If you encounter someone with a knife
and then are close enough to touch you
run TOWARD them.
It will throw them off.
Put your arm across your body to your shoulder and run.
Better for them to slash your arm
then your heart.

Don't ever show a gun unless you are willing to use it.
Guns are easy to grab away from a person who is
unwilling to use it.
If they get too close you take the 50/50 chance
that you will shoot someone (including your self) by accident.

Have a flashlight on your key ring.

Don't stop at rest stops at night.
Buy that $2.00 cup of coffee and stop at a restaurant!

Remember that the instep of a foot is very tender....

This will do nothing for you in a terrorist activity
but most of us will never be a victim of that.
Keeping yourself safe every day is important.

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