Saturday, January 30, 2016

How is that food storage going?

Canned Chicken was on sale
and beans.
Unfortunately,  the man before me in the aisle
took every can of sale beans off the shelf.

He must have had the same idea!

It did not stop me from making up ten dinners for my daughter's family.
They don't get any of the canned stuff.
Our local butcher 
had an abundance of chickens come in this week.
I could not pass up $1.60 a pound of local
free(ish) range
FRESH chicken.
Sweet and sour chicken
Chicken with garlic and lemon
Peppered Chicken
Fajita chicken

and then
of course
my new favorite
Ground pork and apple sliders.

They butcher the community pigs.
Remember that we live in an Amish community.

The family will be well fed
while waiting for their newest family member.

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Anonymous said...

Well done, Janette. I always love to hear about good quality, low cost meals.
BTW, what time is lunch? I'm coming over! LOL!!