Sunday, January 24, 2016

Time to ponder

It has been nice not to hear politics for the last two days.
We went from this
 to this
in short order.
Snow is wonderful!  Peaceful- until my husband decides to clear the place.
It is all good.

Before the storm began we cleared out all of our sheets and extra blankets
for the local shelter. Toilet paper, paper towels, some coats...
We had left over diapers from our family visiting.
Next time we will keep a few boxes on hand for
emergencies at the shelters.

This storm helped me see
what preparation really looks like.
We thought our pantry was in good shape,
but we need to stock up on certain items.
In general, we have always gone out to just get  things
We had a tremendous pantry in both Kansas and Flagstaff
but we were much more isolated in both of those places.

Here is my list at this point.
Regular Canola oil (we cook mostly with olive- but we could use back up)
Tomato paste
Tomato sauce
Corn meal
Milk bones (nothing worse then running out of fun dog treats)
black and white beans
LOTS of coffee!
Canned veggies (are there ANY good canned veggies?)

The order for spices will be done as soon as
the Spice House  has another sale.
We are good right now---but we now know what we want a lot of
The cool thing about the Spice House is you can purchase
their amazing spices
in sealed pouches.

There is some consideration of the LDS storage foods.
My neighborhood is becoming a close society.
These might be good back ups.
We have a good mix of young and old families here.
Keeping people fed when cut off
could become important.

Off to figure more out.
Out in the snow
with the kids of the neighborhood.


Tom Sightings said...

It's true, a blizzard is the perfect cure for laziness!

RAnn said...

I haven't found any really good canned veggies; to can them you have to overcook them. Corn isn't bad but the rest...

I'm not really a fan of long-term food storage. Many fresh veggies will last a week w/out refrigeration in case of a summer power outage. Frozen veggies would keep perfectly well for you right now, even if you had to fill an ice chest with snow.

Janette said...

I have found that some canned veggies are canned with almost no water. That makes a huge difference in taste. I love canned tomatoes- in every variety (although they are a fruit).
Otherwise, my storage is really picking up. Grains, beans and spices are the two things we decided we needed a lot more of! We are also building our canned and smoked meats. YUM!